Pre primary games

In class we have been making games for the pre primary’s. They are maths games which are pretty easy. Our game is called spingo a version of bingo were you spin an online spinner wheel, from there you get your number and match it to the sum on your spingo card. The sums can only go up to ten because of the pre primary’s capabilities. They are pretty fun  and are good to learn about cooperation, collaboration and maths.

Family Tree

I was born in Australia, Western Australia. I have not lived in the same house my whole life though. House one, I lived in this house until I was four. House two, my grandparents house I lived here until I was four and a half. House three, My current house I have lived here for just over six years and many more to come. Now about my family culture. My parents were born here in Australia and their mums but there dads were born in Italy Dads dad Calabria and Mums dad Sicily. All of there parents were from Italy I do not no more than that so that is the end.

School time!

She knew something was wrong, she knew that something bad had happened in that exact spot but it was until she looked at the bloodstains on the floor she knew what happened. Thats not real life but it is part of our comprehension narrative His Name was Walter. That is just one of the things we do in class there is alot more. P.E, in P.E we have been preparing for the faction carnival, what I mean is that we have been finding out what division we are in by running the races in our faction. We have also been doing the throws and jumps for the same reason. ART, in art we have been doing our emoji challenge. The emoji challenge is were you draw a bunch of emojis on a piece  paper then coulor them in with oil pastels or wind ups, and finally you paint the background with temperure paints. Science, in Science we have been doing alot about light and Physical science. Part of that was making rainbows with a glass triangular prism and a torch, and with that if you shine the light on the right angle a rainbow will appear. Music, in Music we have been getting ready for the concert that we will be doing in the beginning of term four. It will be a competition between the classes in your year for two different songs, I am on drums for a tryout and might be on that for the concert. HASS, in HASS we have been learning about the history of Australia, we have been watching a show called my place that shows the history of Australia and when the British came. We have also learned about the convict’s and penal colonies, did you know that Tasmania used to be called Van Deimens Land. Maths, in Maths we have been talking about perimeter, area and how to measure them, we have also been learning about coordinates. That is just a taste of what we have been doing wish I could do everything but I can’t.

Carnival Time

Today we had the run offs for the faction carnival. Run offs are where we se what division we are in for the carnival. Today we only did 100m and 200m and for the 200m only the fastest 200m racers from each faction get to do it. And I came first in the 100m and the 200m so I am in A division in the 100m and I am the fastest 200m runner in my faction so I will be representing my faction in the 200m. I am very excited and will hopefully win.

Something Is Fishy

Recently I went go to go to my Aunties new house and she had a fish tank with 2 fish that she was looking to get rid of so I offered to take It because I have always wanted a fish tank and thankfully she let me have it. So when I got home I put the fish in a bowl with some of the old water and started cleaning. Twenty minuets later I was finished but when I went to go get the fish to put them in the tank when one of them jumped out of the bowl but luckily I grabbed him and put him in the tank. After that I gave them names the small stripy one I named Jenga, and the big dotted one I named Clarence. It is a lot of work to look after a fish or two and are a really funny animal but make sure you google how to look after these fish before you get them don’t do what I did and  just go straight into it.

My holiday

On my holidays I went to Monkey Mia. Monkey Mia is one of the most western points of Australia. And no there is no monkeys it got its name from two things the mia part is from an Aboriginal tribe name. And the monkey part is from a ship that was sailing there and was called the monkey. It was a very beutiful beach and is surrounded with red mountains. There we went to the national park where there is a 50 kilometre four wheel drive track we stopped at some of the points along the four wheel drive track like Cape peron Skipjack point and Bottle bay. The next day we came back and went to the hot springs.It is a very beutiful place and has way to much adventures and thing to explore/do and has to much do all in one week highly recommend.

Story starters

In class we have been doing story starters in english. Here is one of mine. It was impossible, it was up so high he couldn’t do it.more good ones are. We have done it humans on mars. Some things that we have learned about story starters are that you are not supposed to use a word that ends with “ing” until the end of the story starter. Also you have to engage the reader in the first 5 words other wise it will not engage people to keep reading. You also have to go on and make it make sense. It is really interesting to do and is hard to learn we all are still learning so I can’t include everything that you have to do but I wrote what I know we have to include.

It repeats

In class we have been doing patterns in math. Like the title the pattern has to repeat. E.G. 123 123 123 123. We also have been doing 3D shapes. We had to make a net a net which is a peace of paper that you cut out and fold it into the shape it tells you to. We had to make a cube net in our books. And that is the maths for this week.


My Week

This week in class we have been doing lots of stuff like in maths we have been doing order of operations and found out how to do them. E.G. 2+5-2=5. We also have been learning about South America Like did you know that capybaras are native to all of South America but Chile. Also we have done a poem about things that make us us. Overall a good week.